• A poster location on a pink building and with a corregated iron roof. Dead weeds grow against this rustic setting.
  • Pink posters for Picky are glued to frames on a pink building with a corregated iron roof.
  • A selection of modern posters are glued to a pink concrete building with corregated iron roof and blue sky behind it.

Mockshot 6x Street Posters Pink Wall

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Layered, smart object embedded .psd file. 
Smart object element: 6x Street posters 

Buy individually or in a picky-your-own bundle (purchase in the Mock images section).

For internal use, pitch use, awards submissions, portfolio files or just for fun. Not for commercial use. 

With thanks to Shout Media. Think your design looks great here, check out https://www.shoutmedia.co.nz/street-posters for more. 

Product code: KT00004