Samuel Evans

Karekare Beach, Aotearoa. 

Sam is a West Coast local living at Karekare beach, New Zealand. Capturing moments in nature has become a passion that has led Sam to a vision of enhancing our wellbeing by creating awareness for our environment. Land, sea, sky and wildlife through visual stories and energetic reproductions with photography. His images inspire emotion, thought, movement, change and love in New Zealand and around the world.

Born in Twizel, the heart of the High Country, Sam is of Ngāti Kahu, Ngā Puhi and Te Aupōuri descent. His appreciation of nature and exploration was no farther than his doorstep from the beginning. Fast forward to now and with over 25 years of experience in creative industries under his belt, photography has been a natural progression. His Production Design & Art Direction work on Commercials, Films and Television Programmes has honed his eye and allowed his talents to expand.

A lover of mindfulness, culture, deep grooves, nature, surfing and the ocean, Sam is a true Scorpio with the creative element of water flowing throughout his photography.