We're always on the hunt for epic photographers to join our community & add to Picky's ever-growing bank of commercially available NZ imagery. Email to get the process started – but check out below first for all the nitty-gritty details. 


Our retail price reflects the value we place on creativity. The photographer & Picky split the sale price 50/50.

We offer industry opt-in / opt-out. Which gives you more control over how your images are used. 

You’ll be part of raising the bar of how NZ is represented through imagery.

– A potential passive income off the images stacked away on hard drives and the cloud.

 Picky accepts digitised film, RAW images, drone images and more.

Talent Royalty scheme for Picky Commissioned briefs, ensuring fair usage for all. Upfront talent payment plus ongoing royalty per image sold. 

“Koha for Comp” scheme – encouraging fair payment for use of photographers comp images.

– Through our industry connections we always have our ear to the ground for new shoot opportunities for Picky photographers. We’re a community and we like to pass on the goodness to the network far & wide. 

We are female founded, NZ owned and operated. And over half of Picky photographers are female (whoop!)


We are still accepting archival imagery - any rad images you may have sitting on hard drives unused, or the current commercial licensing on it has lapsed. People, place, lifestyle, communities of Aotearoa, we would love to see it all!

Please note: Any images with recognisable people or place require permission and signed release. It is up to the photographer to handle retrospective payment in this instance. Picky can provide templates to assist you in this process. Check out this Picky Blog post for all you need to know before selling an image commercially.

Shooting for Picky – With real time data and industry feedback on what our customers are searching for, Picky can provide you with briefs that guarantee the relevance of your submissions.


  • Picky Offers four licence types:

    1. Royalty-free Online only license.

    Royalty-free is the most common licence we offer Picky customers. It allows the use your content for an unlimited amount of time, for online content only, for a one-time fee. Other customers can also purchase the image at the same time.

    ‘Online’ includes website, email, on-demand streaming, digital banners, in-app and social use only.

  • 2. Royalty-free All Media license.

    This is our all media licence. It allows customers to use your content for an unlimited amount of time, for a one-time fee in all media. Other customers can also purchase the image at the same time.

    ‘All media’ includes online, offline, digital out of home and printed media. Use of image in merchandise for re-sale prohibited.

  • 3. Picky 12 Months Exclusive Licence.

    Allows customers to use your content exclusively, for 12 months concurrently, for as many projects as they like, for a one-time fee. When the 12 month exclusivity licence has been purchased it will be removed from the Picky website until the rollover contract period is up.

     ‘All media’ includes online, offline, digital out of home and printed media. Use of image in merchandise for re-sale prohibited. 

  • 4. Koha for Comp License.

    A trial “koha” scheme for medium-res comp downloads for internal / presentation use only. These images will still be stamped with a smaller Picky watermark.

    Not to be used commercially or for  public-facing communications. Photographers can opt in or opt out of this scheme.

Talent & Location Releases. Talent & Location releases are required if your content has recognisable people, places, logos, and more. If you need any help with this, we have a bunch of templates you can repurpose for your approvals.


  • Picky Exclusivity.

    If you are part of the Picky community, your content is exclusive. This means the original work you submit must be exclusive to Picky Images. You can't licence accepted content (or similar content) yourself or submit to any other stock site or third party.

  • Basic Legal Terms for submitting content.  

    – Your content must be your original work and not infringe on copyright, trademark, or privacy rights of others.

    – You can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

    – If your image has recognisable people or private property, you need to attach a release. 

    – Full T&C’s can be found here and will be shared with you again at the time of formally signing as a contributor.

  • Will I be credited for my content?

    A credit line and bio will appear next to your files on Picky. This is the name customers will see. Most contributors choose to use their full name, social handle, or business name. When picky shares on social we will always credit & tag the photographer. 

  • How do I get paid?

    Every time someone licences your content, we pay you a royalty. This is at a 50% commission for your imagery. Payment is made at the end of each month.


1. Send a contact sheet or low res submission of images via an file-sharing platform to Sending low-res images is fine, hi-res files will be required, once you're officially on board. 

2. From there we review, answer any questions you have, and chat through the paperwork. We’ll then do our best to get back to you within a week of submitting your application. If you haven’t heard from us after 7 days, (check your junk mail) and get in touch.