Contributor FAQ

Keen to join Picky?


Apply online by emailing 
When you apply you can transfer your photo application files from your desktop to your phone through file-sharing apps like Dropbox or Google Drive. Sending low-res images is fine - as if you become a contributor, you will need to re-submit that content for upload, at the full resolution.

Application Review Time

We'll do our best to get back to you within a week of submitting your application. If you haven't heard from us after 7 days, check your junk mail folder.

Picky Images and Exclusivity

If you are invited to Picky, your content is exclusive. This means the original work you submit to us must be exclusive to Picky Images. You can't license accepted content (or similar content) yourself or submit to any other stock site or third party.

Personal use

You can still use any image marketed on Picky for your personal website & social profiles. We get it. 

Credit Name

A credit line and bio is the credit name that appears next to your files on Picky. This is the name customers will see. Most contributors choose to use their full name, social handle, or business name. 

Getting Paid

Every time someone licenses your content, we pay you a royalty. This is at a 50% commission for your archive imagery. Please email us at for our Picky pricing guide. 


Licensing and Releases


When a customer wants to use your content, they purchase a license that gives them legal permission to use it in their projects. It could show up on a billboard, a book cover, in a magazine article, blog post, or on a website — almost anywhere. 

Royalty-free licensing

This is the most common license we offer our customers. It allows them to use your content for an unlimited amount of time in as many projects as they like, for a one-time fee. Other customers can also purchase the image at the same time. 

12 Months Market Freeze

This is another option we offer our customers. It allows them to use your content exclusively, for 12 months concurrently, for as many projects as they like, for a one-time fee. When the 12 month Market Freeze license has been purchased it will be removed from the Picky website until the rollover contract period is up. 

Model/Talent and Property/Location Releases

Model and property releases are required if your content has recognisable people, places, logos, and more. 

Basic Legal Terms for submitting content

  • Your content must be your original work and not infringe on copyright, trademark, or privacy rights of others.

  • You can cancel anytime with 30 days notice

  • If your image has recognisable people or private property, you need to attach a release. 

  • Full T&C’s will be shared with you at the time of formally signing as a contributor. 

Still have questions? Please email us at