What’s the deal with files?

You’ll receive a download link to a layered .zip file. Inside you’ll find an editable, smart object-embedded Photoshop file. Plus PDF instructions.

What are the licensing terms? 

Our full licensing terms can be found hereBut if you're still not sure what’s cool and what’s not, email Picky at hello@picky.co.nz

"Hmmmmm my download link didn’t arrive."

Firstly, check your junk folder (we’re not judging, happens to the best of us!).
If it’s not there, email Picky at hello@picky.co.nz and we’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possibly. 

"Uh oh, can’t open these files!"

Check your Photoshop is up to date. If the file appears corrupted email Picky at hello@picky.co.nz with the subject line “Help please!”